Nandi Handicrafts

Nandi Handicrafts is a small and indigenous company based in Huvinahadagalli, Karnataka. Founded by Mr. Ravikiran, who started off by teaching art in JSS Public School near Mysore. He later worked at Sandur Kala with the Lambani craft for over ten years, before starting his own independent firm about two decades ago. 
Nandi Handicrafts organization empowering women artisans in Karnataka. The designs created in the lambani hand embroidery technique by these artisans have received tremendous love over the years. The embroidery is meticulously stitched onto sarees, stoles, dupattas, bags and pouches, apparels and more.
Called as Banjaras in some states, the semi-nomadic Lambani tribes are said to be descendants of the Arya Roma gypsies of Europe, who migrated through Central Asia and Afghanistan before arriving in the deserts of Rajasthan. 

The embroidery work of these women on bright handloom fabrics, embellished with intricate stitches, applique, mirror and patchwork, is now part of modern day outfits and products. Most of their villages still remain underdeveloped, yet their craft has won the Lambani women recognition and helped them make a living and sustain their culture.
Nandi Handicrafts employes and empowers over 50 women who work with Lambani and Khowdi crafts. These women live and work around a 50 kilometer radius from a town named Huvinahadagalli in Karnataka.
Our Tera Dora collection has been adorned with the meticulous work of Kanibai, Rupalibai, Kamlibai and Laibai, whose work and warmth with always remain close to our hearts.