Muezart is an ethical brand dedicated to regenerating a little-known silk and the women who make it.
Connecting conscious makers who like Eri silk fiber and traditions.​
The startup created a platform, whereby local artisans who rear and spin silk yarns were given exposure to other markets within India. This not only uplifted the standard of living of the artisans but also created a community to unite them and bring back the tradition. 

Eri silk rearing and the making of silk is extremely labor-intensive, constituting so many meticulous and cumbersome steps.The staple length of this silk is smaller as compared to other silks, which makes it unique.
Eri silk yarn has some unique properties hence why it is known as an all-weather fiber. The Isothermal properties of Eri silk makes it cool in summer and its thermal properties make it warm in winter. Its natural properties make it gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause irritation or itchiness.
Eri silk is hydrophilic, and is well known to be the most absorbent silk that works very well with natural dyes.

All their yarns are 100% natural dyed in varied colours using plant and mineral ingredients or dyed using azo free dyes.

Armed with a team of over 180 women artisans comprising of silkworm rearers, yarn spinners, colour dyers, weavers, knitters in the villages of Meghalaya. Muezart has become a global provider.

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