Lilani Upcycled Fabric



A craft unit from a rural pocket in Andhra Pradesh, that works with off cut tailor scraps, upcycling in into home, personal and pet accessories. A team committed to creating a safe, creative space for women in need of a support system outside their homes while exploring at and craft.


Apart from their range of handmade, upcycled goodies, Lilani Upcycled Fabric also functions as a production space for other tailoring and embroidery related projects. Working with tiny bits of fabric and catering to the diversion of textile waste from the landfills one kilo at a time. Executing ideas into products while exploring the creative processes on the journey to a finished product is what they take the time and indulge in.




Founded by Rashna Lilani in 2010 and run by a team of women and men from the locality of Penukonda town and the village of Meklapalli.


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