Jaychandran and Team


Jaychandran, our head production manager and pattern maker is a vital part of our team. The precision, fit and finish of our garments are all the makings of brilliant the craftsmanship of Jaychandran and his team.

Jaychandran worked as a pattern constructor at a local boutique for five years in Tripattur, Tamil Nadu. After moving to Bangalore in 2001, he worked in the textile industry, in export garment production and at Bharat Silks for the next few years. He went on to work for Vignesh Overseas for roughly seven years and also dabbled in home furnishing. 
He joined the Aditya Birla Group in 2020 as the production manager. While also working on producing prototypes for Nilima Silks, Auntie Oli and Nature Alley. At present, Jaychandran and his team handle the production work of the two companies including us.
His team includes Samsaad Ansari who's been working with him for two years, Pradeep has been a member of this the team for seven years and, Srinivas and Madhav Chandrapal for one year. All of them work with Jaychandran only for a part of their time, while also working a full time job 
Our journey would not have been possible without their toil and craftsmanship. We are grateful to them for helping us fulfil our vision and purpose.