Copy of Our Story

The Santra Project is a closet seedling. A humble living and breathing entity, bursting with ideas, colours and desires. A seedling that endeavours to grow into a creative forest, a craft at a time. One that bears You fruits, when nurtured by Us.
We’re a small business with a big heart and what we create is our labor of love.
From hands that pluck cotton to those that spin them into yarn…to skilled fingers that weave them into soft organic vibrant palms of master dyers that turn plant to colour… Every garment at The Santra Project is only made by hand and by that virtue is unique.
Behind our contemporary designs lie century old traditional methods passed down generations of artisans who tirelessly work to preserve their ancient textile crafts. 
All we wish to do is bridge the gap between craftsmen and consumers by making us all a part of one collective. 
A collective that works towards transparency, fair trade and ethical consumerism. 
Our weavers and dyers are our bedrock and we’d love for you to meet them and if possible, even work with them. Find more about them in the About Us section.
With a belief in practicing mindful, slow and holistic living on a daily basis, we try to keep things as sustainable and efficient as possible.  
We don’t mass produce. Infact, we’re working towards going completely bespoke. 
We turn to our kitchens and gardens to extract vibrant natural dyes for our textiles. 
Yes! We only use whatever nature provides us with to make colors that seep into your skin. Our largest organ after all deserves to breathe fresh and consume the goodness of fruits and flowers. Not chemicals, synthetics or anything carcinogenic. 
As for our brand name, just like an apple inspired Newton to learn more about gravity, a Santra (orange) sparked the idea in us to learn more about maximising usage and zero waste.
Not to forget the power of Vitamin C - Comfort | Conscious | Collective
We draw inspiration from travels and far off places and old family photographs. 
In a way, we consider our garments to feel like a bowl of soul food. Homemade with the choicest of ingredients, that bring comfort, make you feel cared for and instantly lift your spirits. Our work attempts to pause time and help reflect in this fast moving world. And while we’re at it, may as well put on our best clothes! 
Our outfits are simple, versatile and fuss free making them wearable more often than not. In fact, we hope they grow into your Go-To’s. And that they live with you for as long as you allow them to last and then have it upcycled for more. That’s how slow we hope to roll.