Bio Dye Private Limited

BioDye seeds a scientific breakthrough using the best of nature to create 100% natural dyes and biodegradable ingredients through eco-friendly processes.

BioDye's vivid natural colours are the result of continuous research and development spanning over a decade.


The fabrics are coloured only with natural dyes using non-toxic mordants to give the whole spectrum of colours that do not fade or bleed when machine washed.

BioDye’s natural dyed fabric has other special properties such as UV-absorption, body odour suppression and mosquito-bite prevention.


Dye-yielding plants have been identified that can be used to re-vegetate degraded forests and provide income to rural women collecting chromogenic leaves in a sustainable manner.

The solid waste is used as manure and the treated waste-water meets parameters for irrigation.

For the first time so many unique and attractive features are on offer to meet the expectations of an increasingly environment-conscious public.

Sustainability is their key motive.They are moving towards greater sustainability in our use of energy. And cater to clients who subscribe to green and slow fashion.